Mendota weather buoy
Current weather from the middle of Lake mendota updated every two minutes. 
Click here for wind (air and water temp) ,  radar or forecast

High Water

The water is at near record levels but the sailing center is ok. You can still sail. Watch your step as there is bound to be some erosion and the water is going to be deeper then it was.

Happy sailing

Construction starts on 09/17/18

The main parking lot is going to be redone. The Sailing Center will still be open you will need to park on the street and wallk in. Should be able to sail as normal until the end of October or beyond. We also have two weekends where we will have access to drive in and remove boats or bring boats in. The first is mid October on the weekend of the 15th and the first weekend in November..

Laser Racing

Laser Racing on Saturdays

Meet at 10:00 am first race as soon as we can all get out there so 11?


Skiff Racing

The Madison Skiff Challenge should be in July, date to be determined. We hope to continue our annual road trip to Lake Pepin. More info as available


Vector prototype
Why go slow?
49'er clip
Olympic fun