Skiff sailing combines team work and practice to achieve speed and thrills that continues to challenge and reward those with the willingness to get wet and practice, practice, practice!

We are looking to build the local and regional skiff sailing scene. We are looking for people to join in. If you don't have a boat this is your chance to try skiff sailing. We will be giving rides and doing some racing.

2012 Demo Weekends

With 4 local 14's , 2 Vectors and a modified Laser II in addition to at least 2 14's coming in from out of town there should be plenty of opportunities to get on a boat. Demo weekends are a chance to try it and get some practice before the two big regattas.

We plan on having a demo weekend before the Madison Skiff Challenge in July. This date has not been set. If you are itching to get out let us know and we can get you out.

June 4-5 2011 Madison Skiff Demo Sailing

 We extended this to two consecutive weekends and had up to six boats out at once.  Lots of people got a chance to crew and skipper a skiff from a 29'er to an I-14.  Some were able to join in the Madison Skiff Challenge regatta in Julyas skippers and crews.

While the weather was light it was a good intro and practice for the July event which was windier .

pictures from day one